Custom Lego Designs and Plans by Mohamed Hage-Ali

About Me

As a kid I used to be in Awe over what I call, Large Scale Lego Builds, or LSB’s for short. I always wanted to learn how these somewhat bulky and massive structures were made, and after 2 years of research after having come out of my dark ages, I present this site to help others learn, buy plans and develop as much as I did.

My only request is that these plans take a long time to put together, and for you to buy one copy per person and not share the plans you bought from me,
as all money from this endeavor goes to my next big build!

Enjoy, browse, and I hope the excitement I feel when I finish such LSB’s can be carried on with you and potentially your children.

– Mohamed

Contact Me!

If you have any questions regarding your plans, build experience or just want to say hello, fill in this form.

I also do take requests for commissions, custom builds, and other Lego related products.

I endeavor to get to customers as soon as possible but also work a day job so please allow 48 hours response time.