My name is Mohamed and I have been building LEGO statues since 2014. Over years I researched and trialed and error-ed over different methods to design and draw the plans on this site.

It took me years to perfect the craft of making these plans, and it is a pleasure to make these available to others. Over time new additions will be made as the site grows.

In 2020 the site now has well over 40 plans with a wide variety of character works, and it is my pleasure to make these available to the public. I am also able to design and produce commissioned pieces for you and for your business.

2017 Myer Melbourne Bourke Street Super Mario Bros display.


I always liked LEGO and it was as an adult that I had the freedom to use it in large quantities.

And I fell in love with it.

Learning about Lego Certified Professionals, and the limits they push with Lego, I vowed to learn how it was done, from the glue used, the structures in place, and other things, over 2 years I absorbed enough knowledge to not only use other people’s blueprints, but to start designing my own.

Although I enjoy the awe and astonishment people display at my builds, I realised there was also a string of envy, and my personal philosophy is that knowledge is to be enjoyed, not earned. Therefore, I made this site, not only to sell my plans, but also allow others the opportunity to enjoy and learn from the wow factor that had so enticed me long ago to follow this journey.

The biggest objection I hear from people is that they are too scared to give it a try. I tell them try, as the only people who never make mistakes are boring.

I have been designing and releasing plans since 2015. I have a large assortment of builds for the novice to the expert,and if I can do it, anyone can.

I am always just a message away should you need any help or advice on how to get started, and willingly give my time to the community.

Kind Regards,